Deep foundations

Atlas foundations has vast experience and expertise in the design and execution of large and small diameter foundation piles in all type of ground conditions. We have successfully developed a design team that strives to optimize the design by careful and optimal analysis of the soil parameters and an execution team that believes in safe working for achieving the highest standard of quality and fastest production rate. Our latest drilling rigs are equipped to drill using straight rotary and continuous flight auger techniques.

Foundations piles are designed and constructed to transfer the building loads to suitable soil strata deep down the ground. Generally cast in situ concrete piles require the drilling of boreholes followed by the lowering of steel cage and the pouring of concrete. The drilling of the borehole can require the use of temporary casings or bentonite slurry to prevent the collapse of the bore due to loose soil strata.

Foundation piles derive their capacity by the end bearing or skin friction and are calculated through the geotechnical parameters of the soil profile. Various tests can be performed on foundation piles to check their load carrying capacity or integrity. Generally static load, dynamic and pile integrity tests are conducted on piles to confirm their capacities.